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StarMerrow Terms of Use

The gist: If we all show respect, we'll get along just fine.


StarMerrow assumes no liability for occurrences as detailed below. To reduce the likelihood of such occurrences, however, we request that you contact us by email to express any concerns or problems you might have.

StarMerrow reserves the right, at its sole discretion and for any reason, to bar anyone from using our discussion forum and to remove any post from the forum.

StarMerrow reserves the right to remove any part of the site (ex. the StarMerrow Store) or the entire site indefinitely and at any time.

Privacy and Security

StarMerrow will only display contact information at a user's request, with the exception of the StarMerrow Store's minimum requirement of a name and contact email address. StarMerrow will never give or sell a user's information to any entity for any purpose without the user's express consent. StarMerrow itself collects no financial information from JOOM (ex. credit card numbers). For the privacy and security policies of any organization linked from the StarMerrow Store (ex. PayPal), please contact that organization. StarMerrow assumes no liability for problems with privacy and security on sites outside the "www.starmerrow.com" domain.

Membership and Advertising with Us

To remain user-friendly to a broad array of people, StarMerrow cannot include content not generally considered appropriate for people under age 18.

StarMerrow reserves the right, at its sole discretion, for any reason, and at any time, to:

*refuse to accept a membership or advertising content
*cancel a membership
*refuse to accept certain content for inclusion on the StarMerrow site.
*remove content from the StarMerrow site

Home page ads will be placed on the left or right columns of the home page for the period one year. Ad space will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis.

StarMerrow's posting an ad does not imply endorsement of a product or service.

Buying and Selling via the StarMerrow Store

StarMerrow will display the seller's name and contact email address.

StarMerrow assumes no liability for any conflict that arises between a customer and seller through use of the StarMerrow Store, except in cases in which StarMerrow directly receives orders for a seller. In this case, StarMerrow's liability is limited as stated in the above paragraph.

Thank you for using StarMerrow!


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