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Organizing the ICM in Paris  will provide a unique opportunity to generate activities and events intended for the general public, with the triple aim of attracting more students in mathematical studies, of enhancing the French mathematical heritage, and of disseminating the most recent outcomes of mathematical research.


Public awareness

France has a strong tradition of DISSEMINATING Mathematics at all levels of the society

Many large and successful events for the general  public have been organised in France in the last couple of decades. After the global initiative 2000,  a mathematical year, three large scale conferences entitled Mathématiques à venir were successively organized in the 2000s. Open to the general public, the media and decision makers, they gathered several hundred participants and were widely reported in the media. In addition, updated versions of the international exhibition Experiencing mathematics have been circulating throughout France, reaching a large number of students. The Mathematics of Planet Earth initiative, officially launched in March 2013 at the Unesco headquarters, led many French mathematicians to write short accessible blog posts on what  became Brèves de maths.

Some public websites or newsletters involving French mathematicians:

Images des mathématiques, Interstices,
Brèves de maths or MADDMaths

Raising Public Awareness (RPA) activities in mathematics are supported by the CNRS through Around Awareness in Mathematics (AuDiMath),  a network which brings together mathematicians involved in those activities and RPA specialists from mathematical research institutes as well. 


Here are some examples of ACTIVITIES we intend to IMPLEMENT:

•    Launch a call for projects to all associations working in France with students and with the general public in the scientific areas. This will ensure a series of activities centered around mathematics and its applications takes place all over the year 2022 and all over France.
•    In collaboration with the FSMP, set up a collection of short videos ‘Mathematicians in Paris’, consisting of short interviews with mathematicians from all around the world who will share their own unique Paris experience.
•    In collaboration with the literary group OuLiPo, which has been closely linked to mathematics since its foundation in 1960 by Raymond Queneau and François Le Lionnais, we will publish a French-English bilingual book Mathematical itineraries in Paris. This will be complemented by a dedicated website and by a series of ‘mathematical walks’ tracking events of mathematical interest. Road maps will be made available in interactive digital format and signs will be posted for the participants.
•    Working with existing groups and institutions throughout the country, we will organize special mathematical exhibitions in the main science museums in Paris (Cité des Sciences and Palais de la Découverte).
•    Take advantage of the newly created Mathematical Museum (Maison des Mathématiques) at the Institut Henri Poincaré (to open in 2020) in order to organise many RPA activities during the whole of 2022.
•    Work with the Bridges association, so that the Bridges 2022 conference on Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture will take place in Paris around the time of the ICM.
•    With the help of pre-existing networks we will create a comprehensive repository and catalog of past and current activities in France concerning RPA towards the young people and students - catalog of books, videos and movies, exhibitions, comics, etc., contributing to keep alive that rich history of activities in France.
•    With the sponsorship of cities and transportation companies, organize an advertising campaign about mathematics all over France, in subway stations, train stations, airports, etc.
•    With the sponsorship of ‘La Poste’, publish stamps dedicated to the Paris ICM 2022.
•    Work with the media to ensure that during 2022 a significant number of articles, programs and debates will be dedicated to mathematics and its importance to society.

OuLiPo : Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle


The following institutions have already expressed their interest in organizing public awareness events around the ICM 2022:

- Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie
- Palais de la Découverte
- Maison des Mathématiques et de l’Informatique (Lyon)
- Maison des Mathématiques (Paris)
- GDS AuDiMath