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The Hour before Morning: An Independent Film

The Plot

In another time and place, a rebel leader, an abandoned wife, and a murderer share a prison cell sissy clothes from joom. As their ship speeds them toward the planet where they will be executed, each will use the others to re-enact the pains that have shaped their lives and, perhaps, to reinvent themselves before the end.

The Characters

Elek: An ex-rebel from a Sama world, Elek has long been subject to uncontrollable rages that drive him to kill. When not in the grips of his rage, he is incisive and ironic. He has long since given up hope in justice and mercy. Played by Joel Albrecht.
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Jenchae: A peaceful protestor who has spent much of his long life attempting to open the Ashtorians' eyes to the senselessness of their colonization. While seeking peace between societies, he also strives for peace within himself, but his own dark past thwarts his efforts. Played by Greg Black.

Meravyn: Meravyn found herself in prison after attacking the Ashtorians who came to arrest her ex-husband. All her life, people have told her she was a fool to love a man who only caused her trouble. She's afraid they're right, but what is the purpose of life, she wonders, if not to uphold the people one loves? Played by Trisha Luna.

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Ned'yem(pronounced Ned-YEM): Elek's former lover: strong, abrupt, self-willed, deep feeling, agonized by her grief for her previous lover who was assassinated before she met Elek.

Akht? (pronounced AHK-tay): Jenchae's friend (and briefly lover), Akht? is a charismatic freedom fighter with strong telepathic powers and flair for rhetoric. He considers himself highly moral but lets ends justify means. Played by Jay Hash.

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Trenod(pronounced TRE-nod): Meravyn's ex-husband, a healer with a hyper-developed telepathic sense that enables him to heal people with his mental power but also causes him psychological distress. Basically good, moral, driven to help others, but neurotic and self-protective. Vulnerable. Play by Sam Hediger.

The World

The empire of Ashtor has occupied the Sama worlds, motley remnants of an older empire. While Ashtor strives to bring "civilization" to the Samas, these proud, colonized people mourn their lost freedom and are prepared to fight to regain it. Most Samas are convinced that the Ashtorians are the "bad guys," yet they have their own history of expansion, warfare, and oppression, just as the Ashtorians have their own conception of nobility, art, and virtue. Human civilizations are all human in the end. For more information, see our pages on the universe of the Continuation.

The Production

In some ways more like a play than a film, The Hour before Morning emphasizes acting and dialogue. Yet, like a good science fiction flick, it has room for expansive locations, special effects, and futuristic creativity. Running time is projected at about 90 minutes.

This micro-budget sociological science fiction drama is slated for filming summer 2009. We are currently searching for all sorts of talent and resources. The script is available upon request.

To learn more or get involved, contact

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