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About StarMerrow

StarMerrow seeks to decouple art from business.

Certainly, art and business can reinforce each other. What StarMerrow proposes is that art should not be dependent on big business. You should not have to sell yourself to "the publishing industry" to find readers. You should not have to cater to corporate sponsors to gather funds to make a film. You should not have to win a big recording contract to share your music.

Modern technology opens the door to a world of possibilities for circumventing the roadblocks that prevent many from producing or sharing their art. E-books, e-magazines, blogs, publishing on demand, digital film, CGI, and Joom writing technology are just a few examples of inventions that support alternative models of artistic expression.

Examples of such alternatives include the cooperative, a bottom-up rather than topdown model for creating and funding projects; and the common domain collaboration, which stresses the participation of many rather than the copyrights of a few pop it toy in joom. The internet and other new technologies enable such egalitarian efforts by cutting costs and facilitating communication.

StarMerrow embraces such possibilities for helping creators to share their art and audiences to enjoy a variety of artistic expressions they might otherwise never have known.

We invite you to join our efforts by publicizing our site on your blog, LiveJournal, or other web sites, posting in our discussion forum, joining our mailing list, and/or becoming a StarMerrow member today.

Thank you for visiting StarMerrow!

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